Thursday, 6 December 2012

Early summer garden round up on a damp day

Here we have a row of various types of string beans coming along nicely. Behind is a row of mixed tomato types & behind that a row of sunflowers and other flowers for later on.

we rescued this old bed base for use as a trellis adn here it is with cucumbers starting to climb up it. We ate one for lunch yesterday it was delicious! In front are small eggplant plants that I grew from seed.

this pumpkins in amongst my tomatoes is self sown - cheeky thing!

letting this sprouting broccoli plant for to flower to attact beneficial insects.

chincherinchee - what a mouth full! We grow these for cut flowers for thelodge rooms

Delphiniums We grow these for cut flowers for thelodge rooms

A type of gladiolis We grow these for cut flowers for thelodge rooms

Snapdragons longside the first batch of corn which is shedding pollen now to fertilze the cobs. May have corn by Xmas if we are lucky!

Phacalea which we grow to attract beneficial insects

look carefully - these are young pepper and chillie plants which have water bottles alongside to act as radiators at night!

courhettes/zucchinnis getting going - we have had some gorgeous fritters with goats cheese - yum

and some yellow ones for variety!

and some dark green ones!

gladiolis showing off

last years dahlias have reappeared!

our first tomatoes spotted 5.12.12. Will they be ripe for xmas?

tomatoes with french beans in front and basil in between

tomato with basil around

this is a ROUND courgette - not a squash!

more beans

tomatoes with soak hose working well - it is on slow drip only from rainwater collected outside

newly planted peppers with plastic bottle buried for liquid fertiliser application

sunflowers grown to make the gardener smile!

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