Thursday, 4 September 2014

What is Punakaiki

Punakaiki is a short scenic drive from Birds Ferry Lodge

Punakaiki is famous for its fantastic Pancake Rocks and blowholes. Through a layering-weathering process called stylobedding, the Dolomite Point limestone has formed into what looks like piles of thick pancakes. 

When the tide is high (tide times are posted at the visitor information centre), the sea surges into caverns and booms menacingly through blowholes.

See it on a wild day and be reminded that Mother Nature really is the boss.

 An easy 15-minute walk loops from the highway out to the rocks and blowholes.At the highway there is an excellent craft shop. ALl of the high quality items are hand made by New Zealanders. Great for gifts to take home with you.

Watch this space for our next instalment of West Coast features!

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